The process of total knee replacement under Dr Vijay Shetty


  • Heart test called Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography (DSE) on outpatient basis few days before the scheduled date. This test can be arranged locally or by calling 25763595 at Hiranandani Hospital. Report to be informed to me only if the test is positive. The date of surgery can be fixed by emailing to
  • Admission is one day prior to the scheduled date of operation around 11am at the front office.
    If you are on blood thinner tablets, stop those tablets five days before surgery.
  • Upon arrival in the hospital for admission, the front office may ask for some deposit. You may deposit 50% of the estimate at the time of admission.
  • Once you are in the ward, you will be given hospital clothes to change into. You will undergo some blood tests and x-rays. Junior doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and physician may visit you. The anaesthetist will discuss with you the type of anaesthetic. You will be asked to stop eating
    or drinking after midnight that day.

Day of your surgery

  • Surgery is usually done in the morning at 8.30 am. Approximately 45 minutes prior to surgery, you will be transferred to the operating theatre. A urinary catheter will be inserted in the recovery room. The operation takes about 60-90 (surgical time) minutes for each knee.
    However, total theatre time (i.e. time away from the room) would be roughly five hours for both knees.


  • You will wake up in the recovery room with a number of monitors and tubes to record your vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and temperature. You will have a bulky dressing on your knee/s.
  • Post-operative x-rays will be performed later in the day. Once you are awake and alert, you will be shifted back to the ward or ICU as per the decision of the anaesthetist. You will have one or two drip lines in your arm for injections.
  • On the same day, or a day following surgery, you will be allowed to sit or walk under the supervision of a physiotherapist. You may experience some pain and discomfort. However adequate pain relief can be achieved with epidural injections and medications.
  • You will be discharged approximately 5 days after surgery depending on your mobility. You will need to visit the hospital OPD three weeks after the operation for stitch removal. You will require walker assistance for about three to four weeks. Please note there will be swelling in both feet for few months after the operation.
  • COST: The standard operation costs roughly 6lacs in economy room, 7.25 lacs in twin sharing room and 8.5 lacs in private room for both knees. Single knee costs roughly 60% of this estimate. There is NO hidden extra. Please note, newer implants may cost more.
  • Finally, for any further assistance, please call +919833228602 or visit
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